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Choosing a hot air balloon company and pilot

There are a lot of companies on the web that sell gift certificates for hot air balloon rides. The majority of the most publicized companies do not even own a hot air balloon. These companies specialize in marketing and not in hot air ballooning. These marketing firms farm out their rides to companies like ours. WE DO NOT FLY FOR THEM. We have found that they do a good job of selling but they are not very honest or good at anything after that. We have chosen not to be associated with them.

Purchase your ride or gift certificate from the person or company that you intend to fly with. If you purchase a ride from one of these marketing firms, you will have no idea of the caliber of the actual ride operation that you will be assigned to. I would suggest flying with someone who flies on a regular basis and is dedicated to keeping their skill levels up. Whoever you chose to fly with, do a little homework and ask some questions.


  • How long has the company been giving rides and how many do they do a year?
  • Is the company properly insured and is the pilot up to date on his FAA requirements to give commercial rides?
  • Has the equipment that you will be flying in been maintained according to FAA and manufacturer guidelines?

A hot air balloon ride is a wonderful experience and we would like for everyone that is introduced to our great sport to have the best “first time” experience possible.